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Romantic Wishes Graphics

.::Romantic Wishes Graphics::.
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Welcome to Romantic Wishes, a graphics community maintained and moderated by Nabiya. When this community started, it was a joint effort between Nabiya and Sierra, but due to personal reasons and real life getting in the way of our fun, it is now a solo project. Romantic Wishes is romantic wishes because I am a hopeless romantic; obsessed with romance novels, romantic comedies and plotting up drama for random people. I'll be posting all kinds of graphics here, such as icons, banners, wallpapers, LJ headers, user info graphics and the such. I'm not very good with teaching (as I have minimal patience), but every now and then if someone requests to see how a certain graphic was made, I'd probably move my lazy arse and whip up an easy to do tut.

For now, this is an open community, which means that anyone can see my posts. But I would appreciate it if you would join, so that when I decide to make the move to a moderated comm in the future you'll all still be able to be a part of this. Also, all icon posts are archived very neatly in the tags section, it shouldn't be hard for you to find what you're looking for...and if it's not there then I most probably haven't made it.

- Always CREDIT my work when you use it, please, no matter where you're using it. I would appreciate it very much if you would just link back to the journal, as making these graphics took a lot of hard work and time.
- If you're taking anything, please COMMENT at that post. Or if you're just going through all the posts and taking icons from several, please just comment at one of them so I know who's taking what. This is just so I know which icons are more popular to better improve the graphics in the future.
- NEVER EVER HOTLINK! It is evil and you'll be eternally damned if you do! lol, I wont re-upload stuff if I run out of bandwidth.
- Do not alter anything, unless I say so specifically beforehand that you may do so.
- Please be polite to me and the other members. This is all just a friendly undertaking, and it wouldn't be fun anymore if people were rude and mean. All I want is PEACE! lol


If you'd like to be added to the list, please comment in any one of the posts in the community and add me to your own list. I'll be sure to respond.



Main layout code by Sierra
Main layout header by Nabiya
Main layout background by Stargazer